[A]<Redefined> Recruiting for Heroic BoD

Redefined is recruiting for Heroic BOD and Mythic+ content.

Currently we are having an open recruitment for all classes

We are also offering an invitation for those returning or looking for a social guild. All types of players are welcome, whether you’re an every-day player or returning player looking to get back into pve.

A bit about the guild: Redefined was a hardcore progression guild from Vanilla through the middle of Cata. As all guilds we slowly turned more casual through the following xpacs. We are an adult oriented guild, most members are over 30. We are recruiting in hopes of recapturing some of that nostalgia of a true guild of friends that we had back in Vanilla through Wrath. You know, people you just enjoy playing with.

While we aren’t going for CE or hardcore mythic progression, we are setting the bar at consistently pushing AOTC progression.

Raid times will be 2 days a week, Tues & Weds 8-11 CST.

If you have any questions, leave a comment, or you can reach me on Bnet: Charmless#1847 Discord: Charmless#0890

Thanks for your time

Hi - I’m interested in joining but likely can’t make the regular raid times too often. 375 BM hunter. Been doing M+ mostly but looking to do late night raiding on Sat nights once a week with any that want to come. Happy to join you guys to make new friends.

Hey Kjevek,

Sorry I haven’t received a notice of your reply, and haven’t checked in a few weeks. Shoot me a message ingame. Bnet: Charmless#1847

/Bump for heals and dps.

What he said.

Casual player returning to retail for Shadowlands looking for a home. Still playing Classic but was planning on logging in retail this month to get ready for the up and coming release.