A recent lawsuit accuses the WoW team of being part of a "frat boy culture" - does that impact the story?

This really is like undergrad Historically White Greek Letter Organization culture lmao

Now that we know about the fraternizing that has occurred at Blizzard, I assume Dana Bishop has been doing special favors for her higher ups to keep her job.

Lol Bishop deleted her Twitter earlier today it seems.

Want to bet she tweeted about supporting the survivors of abuse?

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I was hoping to find her Twitter account and see a response to the story. What a coward.


And all of this while Bobby continuously rejects the Rooney Rule is insane

Considering that the WoW IP, even in distress, is going to be a billion or more I don’t see it moving anywhere.
ATVI panicking and buying out a studio to take it over is possible, and cheaper than someone else buying it.
Or in the extreme, VU claiming breach/mismanagement and trying to take it back.

This Dana Bishop person sounds utterly despicable. She’s going down, hopefully she likes unemployment.

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Could’ve just said fraternities my elf.

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But that would leave out sororities, and we can’t have that.

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Correct, the most wild racism I dealt with in undergrad was from sorority girls. Both in the antagonistic racism and the really cringe fetishization racism.

Plus there’s multiple GLOs: Historically Black GLOs, Historically Latino GLOs, Historically Asian GLOs, and Historically Jewish GLOs.

Each category came about in the 20th century for what should be self-apparent reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

Also nationally, all Historically White Fraternities are part of the IFC while all Historically White Sororities are part of the Pan-Hellenic Council (shortened often to Pan-Hell)

the Historically Other GLOs usually make a “Multicultural Greek Council” that are both frats and sororities on most campuses, while IFC Frats and Pan Hell Sororities govern themselves separately by gender

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Activision Blizzard King

A group of shareholders responded to Blizzard and read Bobby for filth


These three have been let go from Blizzard. Has there been any public accusations about Luis Barriga and Johnathan LeCraft?

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oh wow, Overwatch fans are probably reeling knowing that McCree’s namesake is part of those fired. Are they going to remove the character? if they haven’t already been impacted by it.

Rename Jesse McCree to Wyatt M. McMercer (The M stands for Matthew)


Change the first name to something else. McCree is too good a name for a cowboy to let go of IMO, plus it’d mean they wouldn’t need to re-record like 90% of the voice lines that reference him.

I like that idea.

Or don’t name characters after IRL people since 1) future scandals can be avoided, and 2) it’s cringy.


Don’t kill the cringe inside you. Kill the part that cringes. :pray:

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