[A] <Reawaken> Looking for Maw Walkers to join us in our fight against the Jailer

Guild Name: Reawaken
Faction: Alliance
Type of Guild: Social, Raiding, Dungeon, and Mythic+
Progression: Castle Nathria 10/10 Normal

Contact Info
Discord: EatCodeGame#5117
Battle.net: EATCODEGAME#1466

EST 2008
Our mission: To boldly go where… oops, seems like someone already beat us to that.
However, if you are looking for a wonderfully diverse, adult guild, you have found it.
Our ranks are open to all players who love the game and want to have fun while playing, but we have an awesome trend of finding couples that love gaming together. While most have come to Reawaken for raids and dungeons, we also respect diversity and promote diversity. That would include those who just want to be casual/social players.
This mindset has allowed the guild to collect some quite talented members that help us keep a positive vibe going. Please note, we want your friends and family members to have a home here as well.

We raid just two nights a week for progression: Friday and Saturday from 7:00p – 11:00 pm server/cst. (That doesn’t mean a Raid doesn’t fall into our laps at other times!)
Other times you will find us farming transmogs, collecting pets & mounts, running old and new content and striving for in game achievements.

Strengths: Diversity, maturity, patience, and friendliness.
Goals: Progress while respecting life-game balance and building a community.
While we strive to experience the content, the progression we make is done without resorting to shaming, belittling, or raging.

So if you are talented or just willing to learn, share the same values and are looking for a long-term relationship with a mature, friendly and collaborative guild…
Reawaken might be right for you.