[A] Raiding guild, Mon,Wed,Fri 6:30 server

Was formed by my wife and I, falling behind in levels to all the hardcore guilds. We wanted to raid, but also wanted the classic experience of a solid community of mature, fun people. So Valyria was born!

We have An amazing core of people, including a great group of officers and super knowledgeable class leaders! But we need more raiders to progress!

We have been into MC twice, with 25 people, and one shot 3 bosses, but we need about 10 more people in frequently to progress, as we plan on clearing everything quickly :slight_smile:

We’re currently in desperate need of fury warriors, rogues, Druids, warlocks! But open to mostly all classes. (Full in tanks and mages)

Like the title says, we are raiding Mon, Wed, Fri at 6:30 server time, while we progress. This most likely will be cut down once we’re farming it.

If this at all interests you, and you’d like to get on the ground floor of an awesome guild, let me know in game by messaging Fyko! Thank you :slight_smile:

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