[A] <RAGESHARK> Progression Focused Guild. Seeking Competitive players. We have PTR Exp & Pre Nerf Kills

is a progression focused guild that is seeking a few members to solidify our roster.

We completed Phase 1 the first week, We completed Phase 2 pre nerf. We have Phase 3 PTR experience, Everything in MH and BT.

We raid Tue/Thur 8PM EST - 12AM EST - We raid Sundays if possible for the first week or two of progression if needed.

Seeking the current classes/specs who are interested in competitive play:

Affliction Warlock
Destro Warlock
BM or Suv Hunter
Arms Warrior
Ret Paladin

These are core positions in the guild, we do not recruit to bench.
If you pass trial, I will personally give you 1 month worth of consumables.

You can reach out to me on discord @ NYC#5531