A question for mages

If that lasts for 4 hours you should see your doctor.

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By rubbing your face in the fact that we’re still out-DPSing you with our one button rotation.

I also use heal rank 4/3, greater heal rank 4/1, pw shield, dispel magic, prayer of healing, inner focus, power infusion. Keeping everyone alive is fun.

We’re all just biding our time until we can roll ignites. We spam frostbolt and daydream until then.

Blame blizzard for being dbags & making the first 3 raid instances essentially immune to fire.

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my main is pom pyro so i dont frostbolt pal. frost is too op ez and boring. pom pyro main

Do you have any idea how incredibly rewarding it is to press my one key so quickly and so frequently that my finger needs icing after molten core?

Do you know how satisfying it is checking those l337 parses and finding out that I had 10 more casts through the whole instance than my fellow mage?

AND I had a pretty decent decurse average? Dude you don’t even know what it’s like to be in the competitive world of who can cast Frostbolt 600 times and who can cast 610…you really don’t

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Funded my rogue alt with thousands of gold. So good :slight_smile:

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I mean, I just enjoy my class as a whole. I wouldnt call spamming frostbolt riveting, but making sure you’re using your damage Cds at the proper times and maximizing time spent casting is the difference between average and top mages.

I only raid MC for like an hour every week, and I assure you that outside of MC (and even inside for a solid portion of it) I’m using a large amount of my toolkit in most instances.

Are you mad that I can press a couple buttons and global you?

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