A question for mages

How do you find enjoyment in spamming frostbolt?


Dude, they do way more than that stop trolling. They also make water.


Getting gold




I light things on fire! Except in molten core, then I am forced to spam frost bolt and it is rather boring.


It’s not enjoyable at all. Seriously. I haven’t played a mage seriously since Wrath… and back then it was AB instead of FB.

I leveled up this toon only to get quickly bored after a few MC runs. Good thing is I have my epic mount which is all the more reason to focus on being a farmer with my mage when I’m not selling ports and water.

Priest is 51 and Warrior is 31. One of them is going to be the new main. I was a 60 Priest in vanilla… have never played a Warrior before but tanking is pretty cool.

I feel bad for the people leveling up mages. They’ll hit 60 and find out that all the raiding guilds have at least a dozen mages in queue.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Jokes on you. Made this mage to print that gold, yarraimean?


Not any joke on me… I’ve got my epic mount… got 700g towards another epic mount for one of the alts… and goldmaking is as easy as standing in the AH making a couple different rare raid pots that I have.

I don’t even have to farm ZF.

I said spamming FB was boring… never said making gold was hard.

I was just jokingly replying to this part. Not meant to offend.

But yeah most raid guilds have like 10 mages lol.


No serious guild is wasting time bringing that many mages when ranged DPS is so far behind melee these days. Mage gear also seems to have the lowest drop rate in MC so have fun with that.

I meant most raid guilds have 10 mages on their roster, not bringing 10 mages to their raids.

You’re right though.

That may be what it’s like in end game raids but good mages do more than that in dungeons. As a healer I’ve seen mages that pay attention to more than their dps sheeping adds that get away from the tank and attack me.

Don’t forget the food and portals!

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I’ll pretend this is a serious question.

I DON’T do instance PVE - no dungeons and no raids. Not now. Not ever. I don’t spam Frostbolt - that would be boring.

I do PVP. As routine I use frostbolt, scorch, fireblast, cone of cold, blizzard, counterspell, arcane missles, blink, polymorph, ice block, cold snap, arcane explosion. frost nova . . . . I find it quite exciting.


Well actually frostbolt,fireblast,cone of cold is 3 and don’t get me started on pvp!

Did you know mages don’t actually conjure water? We just bottle priest tears…and they tip us! It’s great.


I can tolerate spamming frostbolt because randomly proccing Frostbite and Shatter brings me borderline orgasmic pleasure from a flavour perspective.

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That’s funny because every single week we get mage shoulders drop with out fail.

How do you find enjoyment sniping with flash heal?

Very little (er, none) of the enjoyment in WoW PvE comes from button pushing. Hopefully you have a good group of people to hang out with and get loot.

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One of the most satisfying feelings I’ve ever had in a video game is wiping ally in dreks room with arcane blasts