A Question about the new Ignore System

Based on my understanding, it was already the case that ignoring a player ignored all their characters on their account - just only on the character you’re playing on.

Do the new changes to the ignore system take away that limitation? (I.e. Do we have account-wide ignore lists now?)

Or is this more about just ignoring their entire BNet account, no matter if they delete their toons and try to bypass the ignore list that way?

Or both?

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When did they announce a new ignore system? Last change I was aware of was years ago and made it BNet account wide on both ends.

In today’s PTR notes:

  • Improved Chat Reporting Feedback
    • /ignore now blocks all characters on the ignored player’s WoW account.

It’s a bit vague, based on my previous understanding of how ignore works. (I could have sworn this was already the case?) So just trying to see how it’s going to change.

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I thought that already was the case.

Okay, I got my answer. Turns out the previous system just ignored characters per realm, not on the Bnet account. So it would just ignore the ignored player’s realm characters and that’s it.

This one ignores all their characters across all realms. It’s still only for your character that you ignore them on, though. But still much better.


Thanks for this. I was curious too because I KNEW that was the case beforehand that an ignore of one character ignored all others on the account (or so I thought). I hadn’t considered and I’m honestly not sure of the implications of doing it cross-realm. I doubt it will have much impact as most people play on only one realm usually but that at least clarifies I’m not going crazy.


That’s good to know. I rarely ignore players, but today’s was the first time I ever did.