[A] Quake Star - 2/10M LF priest and hpal heals for mythic

We are Quake Star, an up and coming guild on US-Stormrage. Our group is currently looking to increase the number of dedicated raiders on our raid team, as well as bring some new members into our close-knit guild community. Our raid team hopes to create synergy among current and new members, continue competitively ranked Mythic plus dungeons, and push to Mythic raiding in the Shadowlands expansion.

Quake Star was founded in February 2020, although its two founders have been long time gaming friends. The guild not only participates in weekly raiding and mythic+ runs, but has weekly PvE, PvP, and social events scheduled by its officers. We plan on venturing into the new expansion fully prepared to take down any challenges that the Shadowlands has to offer. Will you join us on our adventure?


  1. FUN! We want Quake Star to be a fun place where people can play WoW while jesting with each other without anyone’s feeling being hurt. On the same token, none of the jokes should go too far (read expectations).

  2. We want to build up a raid team of 30 people for our more casual Heroic runs and have a competitive group of 20 that are interested in Mythic progression. There’s something for everyone!

  3. AOTC/Cutting edge. We will be striving for AOTC within the first few months of the achievement being out. Our group will be able to push ahead with hard work and dedication. Apply if you’re wanting a fun challenge!

  4. Quake Star would like to get a set of dedicated players who may be experienced and/or interested in Mythic plus dungeons. If you don’t have any previous experience with raiding or WoW in general, you are still welcome! Our team will get you to where you want to be.


  1. Be kind and respectful to one another, always, and towards anyone (in and out of the guild). We want to have fun, we want to joke, but if we can’t tell where the lines are, that’s a problem and the officers will deal with the severity accordingly. racism, slurs, shunning, ect, are all prohibited. No questions about it.

  2. There will be a minimum gear and/or experience level for those who wish to partake in our Heroic or Mythic raiding teams. Those who participate in Heroic raids will be required to play at the appropriate level for Heroic to maintain at least the requested minimum ilvl. Players who need help with gear or training are free to ask other guild members or officers for assistance!

Mythic raiding teams will require more competitive players with higher levels of experience and gear. Players will be expected to play at the appropriate level for the raid, maintain gear ilvl, equip enchants, use gems, etc. Some raiding gear (ie., flasks, food) may be provided beforehand.

  1. We expect our raiders to be online 15 minutes prior to the event. All repairs, gear, and consumables must be prepared before the raid starts. We want to be pulling the boss AT 9 PM server time.

  2. If you are late or unable to show up to a mandatory scheduled event, you must post in our discord’s #attendance channel. We understand life happens and this is just a game, but we need a heads up to be able to bring someone else in to cover you, especially the Mythic team.

Currently 10/10N 10/10H 2/10M
Tues/Thurs @ 9PM - 12AM EST/Server time

We are looking to have a team of 30 for Heroic on Tuesdays. Once we are able to steadily farm Heroic, we will be making a high level, competitive team of 20 for Mythic progression on Thursdays. Quake Star ended BFA 3/12M and 12/12H Ny’alotha, and once we achieve AotC in Shadowlands, we will move on to Mythic.

We are actively recruiting a disc/holy priest and a holy paladin(however other healers will be considered!). We are also always looking for more dedicated dps.

Contact us:

-JG (Recruitment Officer and co-founder) @ Bnet(JG1#11597) and Discord(JG1#4165)

-Dankatar(GM, RL) @ Bnet(Dankatar#1367)

what are you raid times?

9pm-12am est/server time tues/thurs

Still looking to fill our roster!

Still looking for more members and raiders! DPS is highly desired for raid team.

Still needing DPS to fill roster!

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Are you currently in need of H priest? The times are great!

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He went to northrend bc he was being mentally summoned by nerzul to return since icecrown was being attacked by kael’thas and the blood elves as well as illidan. He left kel’thezad in charge of the plague lands and there are plenty of scourge there. Arthas was in danger of losing power if he didn’t return to Northrend.

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Apologize for the late response. I’d love to chat with you if you have time. Hit me up on bnet. JG1#11597

Bump for pre patch day!!

Looking for more dps for both heroic and for mythic raiding for shadowlands! Dps with viable healer or tank off specs that are willing to fill in for those roles when needed are also wanted.

Hi there - what are your current needs, healing wise?

Hello Maleratha!

I would love to chat with you and answer any questions you may have. We are open to options for healer class/specs currently. Currently we have Resto Druid/MW Monk/Holy priest on the team interested in Mythic progression with a Resto shaman who will remain on the heroic progression team as we venture forward.

Bumping for Shadowlands Hype!

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Bumping for progression update. Team is now 2/12m

Raid times are awesome for me wondering what needs you currently have

I’d love to chat with you if you have time bud! For the mythic progression team we have room for dps. When the heroic and mythic teams split up the heroic team will have room for possible tanks/heals/dps. But the split won’t happen immediately. Add me on bnet if you’d like to chat more. Jg1#11597

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Still looking for more. Especially melee dps for mythic team.

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