[A-PvP-US] The Enclave Is Recruiting!


That would be us


Come and join The Enclave you will not regret it. Tell your friends to join as well.


Wow talk about a blast from the past. I was on bleeding hollow day one…and the enclave and Horrigan were always our focus. What a great time we all had. I was Raizer. Rogue from Obliteration w malf and bash and chrono and kalraideth. That was 14 yrs ago. Went to Team Awesome w Deroth and Condor later. The pvp fights against horrigan and movac and vague are so much more memorable than clearing bwl and other pve. If you people want awesome alliance pvp join Enclave.


Thanks for the endorsement Dopey. =D


We will be making a decision tonight on which server to roll, come hop in the fun!

Reach out to anyone w/ the tag and they will point you to someone who can get you set up on the discord or forums. Membership is already booming but with release our numbers will explode. You will have absolutely no trouble finding groups for anything.

And in TE you aren’t just a number like many other guilds, everyone plays a part and as long as they do so proficiently and put in the effort, they are recognized and rewarded.


I’m interested, Frost mage. Got server first for firefighter fight in Ulduar back when it was relevant. Also earned ZA bear mount for 10 man when relevant content. Also skilled healer and tank. I’ll join yall in discord this evening



Battle of Westfall - Stalagg (1944 colorized)

A pic featuring our small band of stress testers in the last big battle of the weekend. We all had a great time and can’t wait for the rest of the boys to join us.


The stress test pvp was going strong up until the last minute. Outstanding!


I can finally drop DeusVult, we’re rolling on Grobbulus RP-PvP


Grobbulus RP-PvP will be amazing, can’t wait for WPvP in Classic.


Grobbulus it is!


Victory on Grobbulus!


The Enclave are amazing folks, even if I met them for the first time during BFA. Can’t wait to crusade with them all over Grobbulus.


Been with this guild since vanilla. I can not wait to rack up the HKs, or dishonorable one too. Red is dead.


when we go to battle I will be playing. Metallica -Kill’em all - Seek and Destory!


I just joined, looking forward to it!

(Deathwish) #186

I joined these guys back in 2014. The Enclave is pretty decent at PvP if your into that sort of thing.

We got the short 3 minute video
and the long 10 minute video.

Come say Hi.


They need to clarify what they mean by thick skinned. There will be heavy use of racial slurs in guild and discord. If you take issue with this they will boot you for speaking your mind, if it does not match their group think. If your ok with casual racism, group trolling and bullying this is the guild for you.


Needed by the Alliance. Feared by the Horde. Chosen by RNGesus. The Enclave is your home for dominant wpvp. Final Boss has been tamed and defeated, they wont even face us in large scale wpvp anymore; most only fight when cornered. I remember hearing great things about Division VII and look forward to seeing them at full strength. Mastermind continue to fight despite several defeats, good on them. I hope this isnt all that the Horde have to offer.


Kinda blows you letting in inferior species. No humans only this go?