[A-PvP] Ahoy! <Kromcrushed> is recruiting! (Updated OP 05/09/22)

Ahoy! Kromcrushed is recruiting casual to serious PvPers (and pirates) who enjoy a friendly, chill environment for RBG’s and arena, as well as random BGs.

We’re not a roleplay guild but we do have a decent number of roleplayers here! PVE (m+ and raiding) is done independently by players. We do not focus at all on PVE content as a guild.

Level 10+, we love lowbie BG’s either at level or scaling down! PST in-game for info or find us in the guild finder!

Play what you like! We want to have fun with you!

Update 05/09/22

Currently running RBGs Wednesday nights and Sunday nights, adding Thursday nights to the mix 05/19. Our nights typically are in the 1500s CR.

Our weekly social/pvp fun night is Saturday nights (subject to change).


Yessssss always a fun time here :crescent_moon: :sparkling_heart:

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We love pizza hut and punishment pasta :spaghetti:

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Looking for more! Come play with us! :smiley:

AYEEEEEEE join usss :purple_heart:

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Self serving bump. Just joined and was welcomed immediately. Now on to attacking Ogrimmar…

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Orgrimmar Death Derby was a success! More Fun Night events in the works! Come play with us!

And now we have some Aussies for late night fun!

and of course us West Coast players.

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Working on forming a second RBG team!

Is Wednesday still a set RBG day?

Yes, we run at 6:30 server time. Friday is also tentatively set, assuming we have enough to show, also at 6:30 server time.

Joined up with this guild a couple of weeks ago and it has been one of the better choices I have made in my 15 years playing this game. Welcoming and supportive of new players, great attitudes and players who actually play. Come join us for fun and adventure.

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Sending to the top again! Always looking for more to have fun with for battlegrounds, arenas, RBGs.

                Currently- RBG's held Wednesday 6:30pm server and (if we have enough people/interest) Thursday 6:30pm server! 30%+ vers gets you in. If we have too many DPS, we cycle in/out every two games.

             Monday Fun Nights- 7:15pm server, typically a PvP related social event but sometimes it has nothing to do with PvP at all!

Message me on disc :slight_smile: Kita#1740. Got a few questions

Sorry, entirely didn’t see this!

Bing, bam, boom to the top!

Always looking for more friends to PvP with!

Do yall have social/guest roles in a discord or is strictly guild?

We can definitely have guests :slight_smile: ours isn’t overly active with posts and stuff. Message me in-game for a discord link.

Been thinking of re-subbing (kinda waiting for a 10.0 announcement), but I’m intrigued by your guild, both because of regular PVP but also pirates.

See you have 10+ toons - and thinking of leveling a fresh hunter on MG - is there a group of lowbies in the guild?

Also I hear “pirates” - does that mean some RP as pirates regularly?

Would love to learn more - perhaps check out the discord? My discord is Rackham#9268

Totally failed on checking the forums. I sent you a discord request :slight_smile: will be happy to chat