[A-PVE] Darkshire Trading Co. | Raid | M+

We are open for all roles/classes to join the guild.

Are you still recruiting? A group of friends and I are looking for an active PVE home on MG. Some of us are Horde though, so not sure what your guild’s stance is on that.


Zug zug, wanna do keys?

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We are open for all and still recruiting!

bump bump, looking for more m+ runners!

What are the requirements for Raiders?

Heroic Progression or Normal?

Bump! Still running M+ and scouring everything the new mega dungeon has to offer! If you’re looking for a home, the Darkshire Trading Co. is still recruiting! :star_struck:

Hey there! Is Darkshire Trading Co only recruiting for M+ or is there room on a heroic raid roster?

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Hey there sorry for slow reply we are currently aotcc but we are recruiting for next season aiming to get possible recruits into the current raid to see how we gel we raid on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s on moonguard realm we are open to players of all factions

For normal raid we simply recuires min IL of 380 heroic is 410 for upto echo sark either aotcc you show youre upto the task by performing well against the prior bosses

Good morning friends, we are still recruiting, looking for more chill people to hang with! We are on a small break from raid reclearing until we have a release date for the next tier.

Bumping up this post! We are currently recruiting more members to our ranks. Our progression team for raiding is currently full. We always need more people for keys, and for our open raid on Mondays!

Our 3rd birthday is next week, and we have recently added light RP to our menu of content as well. We do not have established RP dates at this point because it is a new branch of our community.

bumping this up with my main :slight_smile:

Griever#11649 - returned for 10.2 open to heals, or dps feral/balance. Interested in progression raiding.

Darkshire Trading Co. is no longer recruting