[A-PVE] Darkshire Trading Co. | Raid | M+


Looking to join up with a new group of friends for your adventures in Dragonflight? Darkshire Trading Co. invites you! We are recruiting more players for Mythic+ Our community is highly active in Discord, and we play many other games together. ex: Call of Duty, FFXIV, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Diablo… etc. 18+ and LGBTQ+ friendly—if you would like to meet our community and solidify a team for clearing content, please reach out with your interests!

Raid: We are currently 9/9 Normal & AOTC ATSC
Our guild has AOTC for Castle Nathria, Vault of the Incarnates, and Abberus the Shadowed Crucible.

We have events happening every week, scheduled roughly as follows:
Sundays @7p EST: M+ Keys! Getting sweaty and filling out vault with guildies.
Mondays @ 8p EST: Casual Normal Raid
Tues/Thurs @ 7:30p EST: Progression raid, rostered team, pulls at 8p.

If you are interested, reach out to either Liliiana (Discord: Liliiana) or Kyo (Discord: maxcie) for more information.

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bumpin this post up

bump bump! We have 2 core raid seats open for a pumper dps.

bump bump, still looking for dps for core heroic team ^^

Bumping thread, all are welcome, DPS encouraged to apply/reach out! :smiley:

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And another bump ^^ still looking for more :3

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bump bump! looking for more mythic+ chads

This is a great guild with great people. We have lots of people at KSM and a few over KSH, many of us running keys everyday and can help get your score up! Also great vibes on raid nights if you can come pump for us~ 10/10 guild would recommend

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I’m currently looking for an active (and somewhat casual-ish) guild to play with. I’m 40 now, with a full time job that has a varied schedule, and just want some friends that are active, maybe tag along for normal runs, casual and low-rated pvp, and of course M+.

Currently leveling a fury warrior, and willing to go prot for M+ and perhaps even arms for pvp. Just want cool folks to play with and shoot the moon in discord etc.

In the past I’ve been a longtime serious player, with a ton of AotC and a few Cutting Edge’s, but I don’t really have the open time commitment for much of that stuff. I’m willing to be an alternate or backup if you need, and if my work schedule allows.

Please reach out to me either on my toon (Oneztazi) or my btag Vesh#1474. I’d love to hear from you guys :slight_smile:

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I’ve been a professional pug for these guys for about a month. They’re an awesome bunch!


I joined at the start of DF and timed a +19 for the first time ever! Loving mythic + and raiding with Darkshire Trading Co! Truly a home to some awesome people!

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Reaching out now!

I’m currently looking to join a guild and start raiding. I’ve always been just a LFR type guy but looking for something more coordinated. I’ve recently pugged a 6/8 on normal and had a blast! Truthfully, I haven’t dove into M+ that much other than M0’s to get into LFR. I’ll be reaching out on discord. Just figured I’d bump the forum post too.

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We be bumping in here. On to the next patch!

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Zug zug. They gave me a fun home for a hordie even as smelly alliance…

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bump bump :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a solid home for actually doing content on Moonguard. I started playing WoW way back in 2005 and quit during Wrath, came back for BFA , but ran to Classic due to hating pathfinder achievements and Azerite.

You can reach me at GingrSpiceOrDie#0086 on Discord

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sent a friend request on discord :slight_smile:

What classes are you in need of atm?