[A] <Purveyors of Darkness> Sunday AOTC VOTI Looking for More for Dragonflight 10.1

< Purveyors of Darkness > is a weekend heroic raiding guild with a friendly and competent environment reformed from another long-standing guild on Whisperwind. We are currently looking for more members to expand our community, especially for our AOTC raid team in Dragonflight.

  • Main Raid Progression: AotC VOTI. We hope to add more players that want to improve both individually and as a whole team while having fun throughout the tier. We raid one night each week to balance between enjoying the content and fullfilling real-life duties.
  • Main Raid Schedule: Sunday 6-9 PM Server Time (Central). We know real-life obligations and expansion burnout are real. So one night per week would be a better schedule for Dragonflight.
  • Current Need: Any player with decent game knowledge and skill level that plays dps and/or can off-heal/tank is welcome. We will expand our raid team roster as much as we can in preparation for the second tier of Dragonflight.

Outside of raiding, we have members actively running mythic plus dungeons together at various levels, as well as doing pvp content (arenas and BG’s) either casually or competitively.

If you find any of the above a potential fit for you, please contact me here, through btag: Yueh#11357 or via discord: Yueh#8552. Looking forward to hearing from you!

BM hunter looking to get back into raiding
413 DH LF Raiding Guild for 8.2
3 Friends LF Alliance weekend raiding
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371 sp lfg
394 Arcane mage LF Normal/Heroic Guild
Guardian Druid LF casual but progressive guild
WW/MW Monk LF Raiding
Destro Lock LF Raid
LF Guild on US-Whisperwind - Alliance
392 Enhance Shammy
387 Shadow/Disc LF Weekend Raid Guild
390ilvl warlock LF Sat/Sun raiding guild Central Time
383 Warlock LF H BoD Guild
Tank LF Mythic runs and active guild
385 MW / WW Monk LFG
Bloodhoof server, Assassination Rogue LF active guild
Mage LF raiding guild
Looking for a chill, friendly guild to call home
[A] Returning player looking for new active guild
(A) 389 Ret paladin looking for possible new home
5 RL friends LF a home
Returning Raider! Prefer Tank
Casual Raiding
Returning player looking for an Alliance guild
Havoc DH looking for guild!
406 resto/ele lf friendly guild
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[A] 397 Prot/DPS warrior LF raiding guild
Resto Shaman LF guild
Lf some chill people to play with
Returning Exp Raider
LF Casual Weekend Raiding Guild
401 afflock LF pst raiding/m+ guild
(A) 412 BM Hunter LF Heroic Raiding Guild
LF Weekend Heroic Raiding Guild
Looking for guild
Resto Shaman LF New Raiding Home
393 Prot Warrior LF Guild
Returning player looking for alliance guild any server :)
388 BM hunter LF raiding home
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410 iLvl Havoc DH LFG
[A] Ilvl 405 pally and pushing LFG
[A] Returning Healer LF Guild
410 [A] Rogue LF Casual Guild
Returning player LF raiding guild
409 demo lock for sat night raiding
[A] Holy/Disc Priest LF Guild
Alliance lock lf weekend or morning raiding guild
Looking for Good Guild
Enhancement Shaman Looking for Guild
Holy Priest/Ret paladin LF guild
[A] 390 Warlock looking for casual raid guild
392 Brewmaster Monk LF Raiding GUild
(A) MM hunter LF raiding guild
[A] 404 Warlock LF AOTC Guild
Whisperwind - Markmanship - Night Elf Hunter
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393 BDK LF Heroic Raid Guild for 8.2
Resubbed. looking for that old feeling. raiding
Returning Player looking for guild
3 Friends looking for a Guild!
[h] vengeful syndicate - nag/cael - weekend heroic raiding guild lfm
Returning player
418 Prot/Arms Warrior LF New Guild
LF casual raiding
Shadow priest LF Sat-Sun
416 BrM Seeking new Family
422 Boomy/Resto LF weekend guild
Looking for a good home
Holy Paladin Looking For A New Home. ILVL 442 Neck 70
435 Arms warrior or 437 prot looking for a active guild
Long time player looking for home
435 holy/prot lf raiding guild
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426 ilvl Fury/prot warrior looking for guild
Resto Sham + DK Tank LF Raiding Guild
Prot Pally LF raiding guild (Alliance)
LF Mythic+ Guild
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[A] 416 Shadow Priest LFG Central Time Zone
411 Unholy Death Knight
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[A or H] AoTC Hunter with Druid Tank/Heals viable 2nd Main
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435 Arms warrior or 437 prot looking for a active guild
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Looking to Tank
Holy Priest + Warlock LF Alliance AotC Guild
[A] father and son LF Raiding Guild
LF Weekend Raiding
Returning player LF Heroic Raiding (Healer)
441 MW Monk lfg
LF Guild pve
446 RestoDruid/Holy Paly
443 rogue and 446 hunter
[A] Hunter Looking for 8.3 Raiding Guild
449 Warlock LF AoTC Guild
3 Returning Veterans Looking for Casual/Social 1 Night Raids
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Looking for a home
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[A] LFG 445 DH Will Realm Transfer
461 Rogue LF AOTC GUILD with M+
450+ Warrior looking for Heroic progressive team!
460 Rogue looking for AOTC GUILD
458 DH LF M+ guild
(A) Ele/resto shaman and/or DPS warrior lf weekend raiding guild
465 Resto Shammy Looking for guild
LF weekend raid
[A] resto Druid LF casual adult guild
[Update] 402 Resto Druid LF Mythic Raiding / M+ Guild
413 tank/dps warrior lf weekend late night or morning weekday guild
Raiding Guilds
[A] Balance or Resto druid looking for raid group
[A] 3 Friends LF Raid Guild c:
Delete please
Druid looking for a home
389 Prot warrior lf home
Warrior LF Comeback to Raiding Guild
Looking for weekend raid group
Hunter, Paladin, Druid

i would like to join up just got back in to wow and looking for a good guild to join that’s active one I’m in now doesn’t really do any

Sure. Add me on btag so we can talk.

Okay got it

Would you be available to talk sometime this week?

Sure. I’m pretty much always around in discord. You can add me on btag too.

you guys still looking for an offtank? dont think im geared enough for main tanking

Yes. We do. Add me whenever so we can talk in more detail.

Hello there I’m a returning player new to this realm and I’m looking for a guild to call home and enjoy the new patch with. Your raid times and guild atmosphere are exactly what I have been searching for. Feel free to reach out to me in game on this toon. My battle net is Chakah #1972. Thanks and have a good one!

Err sorry I meant this toon :man_facepalming:

No worries. I’d be glad to get in touch with you.

Added you to my Btag, and the request will be coming from Saltsprey. I chatted with you about the possibility of joining the guild and setting up a trial run.

Thank you,

We finished raiding progression and are looking to form a guild RBG group as a fill-in activity before Shadowlands. Players interested in doing M+ or farm raids are also welcome to join us. Hope to hear from you soon!

Y’all still looking?

Yes, we are. Feel free to reach me through discord or btag if you’re interested to talk.

Patch 9.1 is less than two weeks away. We’re actively looking for more raiders to join us to work on achieving AotC once again in Sanctum of Domination.

Hi there - I might be a fit for your guild if you are still looking for a healer. Your raid times and guild atmosphere are exactly what I’ve been looking for in a new home. I am a Druid Healer with 9/10 Normal experience. I also enjoy running M+ and helping others out when I’m online and available. Cheers! - Shee (#1391)

Thanks for your interest! We’re currently full on healers but might need an extra one going into heroic since some of the fights this tier are quite healing intensive. I sent you a btag request. We can talk about more in detail if you would like to.

Our core raid team has decided to move to a new guild to continue raiding as of Aug 1. If you would like to reach the officers in the new guild I can still be a contact. Thanks for your understanding.

We’re at 7/10 HC after a relatively smooth transition to the new guild. Still looking for a few more decent dps to finish the tier strong and experience the content moving forward. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested.