[A] Public RP Campaign - "The Spider's Web"

Great power often implies jealousy. Hatred. A terrible greed can be born as easily as a fresh blade of grass after a storm. It is from this darkness in men’s hearts that men are driven to despicable acts. With the world making its recovery amidst great and terrible tragedies, those that have benefited most from the turmoil cling tightly to that power, resorting to unspeakable methods to keep their power and control intact.

Hello my fellow Buccaneers! I am pleased to announce that a new server campaign is on the horizon! Coming the week of April 20th, “The Spider’s Web” will kick off its first event! But what is The Spider’s Web you might ask?

The Spider’s Web is a dark-themed series of RP events centered around the Stormwind House of Nobles, and the lengths some of its members will go to keep the power they have possessed whilst under the leadership or influence of the Lady Prestor. The rise of adventurers has sparked change amidst the common folk, and the House of Nobles is beginning to lose some of its power as the people place their faith in these brave heroes, rather than in their leaders.

The campaign will be over the course of 3 phases:

Phase 1) The introductory phase. Here, interested parties shall get involved via finely-tuned events geared to the strengths and weaknesses of its participants.

Phase 2) This is the main front of the event series, consisting of 5 events in total. Things will rapidly pick up the pace during this phase, with each event playing host to new mechanics to keep things fresh and interesting.

Phase 3) The final confrontation, taking place just days after the end of Phase 2. This one will be the most “open” to the public, allowing for greater group numbers, and an easy drop-in, drop-out system as it occurs in the heartland of the Alliance: Stormwind City.

This series will end approximately May 20th.

Below I shall attach a link to the google doc that holds all the necessary information. (And may I say, it is much better looking than what I can post here on the forums).

In any case, if you have any questions, feel free to post here or contact me via Discord at:


Or even, you may join the discord I have set up as an ease-of-access for the campaign!

Google Doc link:


Note: I will more than likely edit this post to be far more enticing in the future. It’s just super late when I originally made this thread, so I apologize for its shabby appearance.

Interested parties:
The Ashguard
The Blackbird Ring
The Strongale Saloon

(more to come)



This is intriguing!! Especially being open-RP anyone can get involved in. Looking forward to more details as it develops.


Speaking of details…A bit of an rp hook for the days and weeks leading up to the first events, something anyone and everyone can get involved in!

(This is for RP purposes, so feel free to involve them in any way! Even look into these situations. Who knows what you will find!)

The rumor mill within the Alliance was abuzz with fresh activity at the start of the early morning.

First, word has come down from the Stormwind Royal Guard that a member of the House of Nobles has repeatedly disappeared for days at a time, reappearing just in time for the next house session. The guard neglected to mention a name, however he did mention the noblemen was supposedly seen in each major province of the kingdom.

Across the city, another rumor was spread that, amidst the recent riots out of the Stormwind Stockade, one particular prisoner, a known mass murderer and conspirator with the Defias Brotherhood, made her escape amidst the chaos. Apparently, disguised as a city guard, she walked out the front gate, and remains at large.

Thirdly, a dark and powerful artifact has recently been stolen from the Mage Tower in Stormwind. The magi have since begun an internal investigation, but the nature of this artifact has yet to be revealed to the wider public.

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If you haven’t already, you may wish to post this on the server Discord; I’m sure there would be some interest there as well. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Just a friendly note that this event is still planned for the later half of April this year! In fact, sometime tomorrow or before the next resets, I will begin planning (aside those involved) the first of the Phase One events!

It will never be too late to jump on board with this! And there are no level restrictions, either! There are sure to be plenty of folk around to help you if need be!

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Very excited to be a part of this!

Hello again, everyone! I am pleased to announce that the first event in the series has been planned for April 20th! More events are to be planned in the coming days, so be sure to check back here or on the Google Document for updates!

There is still plenty of room for more participants, so if you are looking to take part, whether alone or as a group, you have but to make it known or simply join the discord!

I am super excited with how this campaign is shaping up. If you have any questions, leave a message here or contact me either in-game or in discord and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

April 16th Update!
Planning is proceeding as scheduled, with the first set of events penciled in, and the 2nd well on the way. Events will (generally) be held at approximately 8:00pm server time, and will last roughly 2-3 hours (depending on the player luck and speed).

There is still time to jump into this if you are interested in doing so!

April 24th update:
Rumors abound within the kingdom of Stormwind, detailing an event in the Old Townnn district, hidden in an alley mere blocks away from the Commander Center and headquarters of Stormwind Investigations. According to local sources, a violent gang war erupted in one of the backwards alleys when a trade deal went wrong, resulting in the deaths of dozens of civilians and merchants alike. There is no word if there are any survivors, but rumors abound that one of the gangs is alive and well. Its supposed leader is… [The name seems to have been burned away with magic…]

Outside of the city walls, on the road towards Westfall, a caravan of supplies was reportedly attacked by assailants belonging to the Defias Brotherhood. No word on whether the organization has returned to the fold, or if this was a splinter group of survivors. The contents of the caravan are missing in their entirety, however, and law enforcement believe it was another raid for supplies. Mysteriously, the carts were said to have been heading for the Gala in Stormwind Keep the following day…