[A-Proudmoore] <Uncommon Sense> 8/9m

Looking for more.

Updated recruitment needs but feel free to chat regardless of class/role!

Looking for more for Eternal Palace!

Need DPS and a healer. Let’s chat!

Looking for some DPS, primarily ranged.

4/8 M now!

Any shamans or shadow/boomkins out there?

LF shaman!

Uppity up.

Will give my left, but not right, kidney for a shadow priest.

Would love an ele shaman, spriest, or both!

Progress updated.

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I have a holy priest (willing to learn disc), shadow off spec. I am OK with playing either holy or shadow as a main spec. I have a restro shaman but not as geared as my priest. Currently on Lothar but am looking for mythic raiding. That said, transfer is OK and I know required.

Add me and let’s chat.

Bumpity bump.

Bump. /10chars

Starting on Azshara.

Looking for more.

Happy dead turkey day.

Bumpity bump.