[A] (Proudmoore) 10/10H AOTC focused guild LFM "Goes Down Smooth"

A (Proudmoore) “Goes Down Smooth”- SoD 9/10H …Heroic raid nights, dungeon runs, a little pvp action, questing, class talking, a casual normal raiding night for fun or alts, small tight knit community, hanging out in voice chat while playing, testing our skills and learning together. If any of this sounds like what you’re looking for… thats us!

Currently looking for someone who enjoys tanking m+.

Also, players trying to get back in the game, or just looking for a nice place to hang out and play.

We focus on friends having a great raid experience, fun day to day involvement, and maintaining an environment that is fun, easy going, and respectful. For anyone interested in the heroic raid team -Raid nights are Thurs. & Fri. (5:30-8:30pm PST).

We have a few expectations of our raid group: good attendance, be punctual, be knowledgeable about your class, be prepared, and be ready to work together. Our raid environment is best described as a bunch of friends hanging out (sense of humor required) and learning together while giving our best effort. We feel progression is important to keep the game fun and challenging, and every boss we get down together is another success! We have fun together but we also take our progression raid seriously.

We Offer - Active Discord community - Organized support system - Guild M+, transmog and achievement runs - Enchants, gems, and flasks for raid mains; feasts and repairs

Automatic “Not For Us” Qualities:
-Elitist/God Attitude
-Not a team player
-Frequent excuse maker
-Never researches, never improves

“We’re about as casual as a heroic raiding guild can get” - one of our guildies

If any of this sounds like the guild home you’ve been looking for, shoot us a message and come hang out with us! Contact (Monchub) Moni#11338 or Discord Moni#2583 for more information and to begin discussing how you can join today! We look forward to hearing from you soon

250 ilvl prot pally LF a new guild. Shwhite#1617

im interested in raiding, 221 Resto Sham, I have previous mythic raiding experience. coming back after a break. would love to talk to someone.