[A] Prosapia Raiding/M+ Community


Hello Iā€™m a balance/resto druid also play a prot/fury warrior (bobart). Been looking for a community to join to run M+ and raiding basically sick of all the pugging. Im over 1100 io current season on my toons. On top of that I definitely meet the criteria of your community. I sent the two btag requests I hope we can get in contact!

(Nocksie) #24

Iā€™m looking forward to hearing from you Bobart!

(Magmir) #25

Hello Bobart.

(Nocksie) #26

Still looking for one Healer with a strong DPS offspec

(Angie) #27

Now recruiting:

(1) One full-time healer (Druid/shaman/monk preferred)
(2) One DPS with a strong Healing offspec

(Magmir) #28

You know you want to join us

(Nocksie) #29

Still looking for:
(1) One full-time healer
(2) One DPS with a strong healing offspec

(Magmir) #30

We need your heals!

(Nocksie) #31

Hooray for 5/9 Heroic!

Recruiting one healer and one dps with a strong healing offspec!

(Angie) #32

6/9 Heroic. Recruiting one healer!

(Magmir) #33



Bumping for a good cause.

(Nocksie) #35

Still looking for one more healer

(Magmir) #36

Still holding out for a great healer.


Healers! Where are you!

(Nocksie) #38

We found our full time healer! Now just looking for one dps with a strong healing offspec.

(Magmir) #39

Come join us!

(Nocksie) #40

1/9 Mythic!

(Magmir) #41



Come join our family! :space_invader: