[A] <Prophecy> 11/11 8/8 LFM Raid Teams 1+2

Prophecy [A] 11/11 MC/Ony 8/8 BWL

A casual/semi-hardcore guild focused on clearing content but having a chilled atmosphere at the same time. We use an EPGP loot system MS>OS.

Team 1 - LF Holy priest & Fury war - mains only

Team 1 is clearing BWL/MC is one 3hr combined run. For future content this would be swapped to Thursday nights with Sundays for progression. Our preference for Team 1 is mains only.

Future farm content: Thursday 7:30 PM invites 8:00 PM start
BWL/MC: Sunday 1:30 PM invites 2:00 PM start.
ZG/Ony: Casual guild groups no set times

Team 2 - LF all level 60 DPS and healers, full on rogues. Priority for DPS Warriors, Hunters, H Priests, H Pallys & 1 Ret Pally

Team 2 has only recently been formed but already 8/8 BWL.

BWL: Wednesday 8:45 - 12:00 PM
MC/Ony: Monday 8:45 - 11:00 PM
ZG: Thursday 9:00 PM start

To get a hold of us just PM any guild member online and ask to speak to an Officer. We can send a discord link if you want to chat in person about anything Guild related. Casual players are also welcome - come join in the Discord banter and dungeon/ZG runs.

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BUMP - still looking!

BUMP - still looking for new recruits - priority for mages and priests (pref Dwarf but not a deal breaker).

Powerleveling my mage - new to WoW, but I am a fast learner and eager to learn. Send me PM IGN: ToughCookie

Doing better and better each week, competitive but not over bearing and an enjoyable time with the boys