[A] <Proper Villains> eternal palace 7/8m - LF an amazing Range DPS

Its a bump day on this Taco Tuesday

Looking for a skilled Shadow Priest

Come join the cutest gnomes on proudmoore!

Our Reason is all for Warlock and Shadow!!!

Shadow Priest would be great!

All you Warrior’s just app
Ranged too

Warlock or Shadow Priest please

Come join proper villains!

Warlocks and Shadow Priest would be great

Monday AM Bump time

Reset Day Bump Time

This is not the bumpy you are looking for

What kind of bumps are we looking for then?

Looking for Range DPS

I drink the coffee, then i do the stuff!!!

We require more vespene gas.

And ranged DPS.

Proudmoore Bump time!!!

Everyone say goodbye to Za’Qul Sunday’s when we take his loot!!!

Open to a healer or strong range

Bumping to the top