A possible compromise

So a lot of people are (rightly) not thrilled by essences being not boa. Would it at least be possible to make ranks 2 and 3 boa and just have people work to get rank 1? Still do stuff to earn the base on alts. And still lower the price and rep requirements since that would also help.

Rank 4 is cosmetic no one is complaining about that being not being BoA.

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The compromise is that they are making them easier to do.

It takes one week to get the reps to revered and that was the essence people seemed to be complaining about.

Did you miss seeing this thread ?

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Don’t compromise. If Blizzard isn’t making the game you want to play, then stop paying them.

They don’t really DO compromise. They kick and scream until their bosses stomp them over falling revenue.

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Don’t waste your breath about this anymore. What you see is what is likely going live in January.

When patch 8.3 interest quickly implodes, especially from returning players (who have no interest in essence grinding, or even worse grinding for pathfinder) you will quickly see blizz change their tune. Or perhaps maybe not. Maybe they don’t care if retail is a dead wasteland before prepatch 9.0 because classic is a gigantic temporary financial safety net.

Given the death spiral of retail and all their bad PR and their supposed shift for ‘greater player agency’ in shadowlands this patch 8.3 is literally everything that a final patch should NOT be for a game in its current state.


The one i complain about is the BG one.

Sure you can grind it out in one weekend, but the amount of work time it takes in comparison to the others is ridiculous.


They are making a game I like I’m just trying to find something a bit more apt friendly is all. I don’t do much with alts but I’m just thinking something would be nice for those who do.

Yeah, that’s why most of us complain - we want to keep liking the game.

Problem is, Blizzard doesn’t care about complaining. They decided a long time ago that it’s worthless feedback as long as people are still buying the product.

They only listen to complaints once it has cost them money, then they go back and try and figure out why. It’s really frustrating because it results in the game being worse than it would have to be if they’d just listen up front, but that’s how things are with modern Blizzard.


Not everyone plays alts there are some ppl who play only one character. I play 2 alts and I don’t complain about about having to grind the essences because I made the choice to have an alt. If you do not like the grinding then stick to playing one toon this expac

That would be fine if Blizzard was any good at class design and raid comp and didn’t force people to switch characters if they want to be able to function in a team environment.

Our Ret Paladin had to do the 50k honor grind TWICE, once on her Ret Paladin and then again when she switched to her Warrior as her main because you MUST have a Warrior in the raid and we weren’t able to recruit one after losing ours to graduate school. Not her fault for wanting to play an Alt, that’s Blizzard fault for dumb game design.


Having a warrior is not a must really. If you are talking about the buff you can still use a scroll in the game currently. There are guilds that went through Mythic EP without warriors.

You do not see every guild asking someone to main another class for them. On the guild in this toon there isn’t a warrior either after he went to graduate school too lol. But they are not telling anyone or forcing someone to change their main. If someone wants to bring in their warrior or lvl one voluntarily on their own then sure they can do what they want.

Even though I play alts I am against making it easier to get stuff essences etc. Cause there are ppl who whine or when a buff happens immediately just hops onto different classes. This spontaneous class hopping ruins the game because of easy alts.

I can understand why Blizzard has to do the catch up system for the new players and returning players to get into the game. But the current players abuse that to have alts stacked up to change whenever convenient even for the smallest nerf/buffs done by blizz

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Look I just figured this is the best place to say something. I understand why people complain just trying to come up with a rational ground to help people. If you don’t agree that’s fine just trying to say what I think is a better idea, not argue with everyone.

It probably seems like I’m disagreeing with you, but really adding my 2 cents. I’m on your side with wanting to change the current direction we seem to be heading.

I get it. Just figured here would be the best spot to say something. Least it’s just this one patch at the moment

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Please show us one.

Half of Pieces (EU) first kills were done without a warrior and they were ranked 6th. I would be very surprised if there really weren’t guilds that made it through without a warrior at all.

Yeah half of pieces did. You can also check the guild called “Way too Toxic -Burning legion EU”. Or search Viloq- Burning Legion EU.
They have multiple kills on each boss with different comps. You will see some weeks they had no warrior when going through Mythic EP. But then again ppl are averaging over 440ilvl so having a warrior or not shouldn’t matter unlike method when their avg ilvl was below 430.