[A] Phoenix Aerie Peak 2/10 M Tues and Thur 5pm PST - 8pm PST

bumpity bump bump

Still seeking sick heals

Please let us know if there are any questions.

WTB Mage :slight_smile:

Looking to spoil a mage and DK. PST

Please reach out with any questions.

Still looking for ranged dps, preferably a mage!

Looking for wonderful WW monk and rdps for monday/wednesday group please send tell.

to the top!!

bump it like its hot

Hit us up! We like it.

Still looking for high priority roles: Mage, WW Monk, Frost or Unholy DK!!

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WTB all the DPS PST.

Now 9/10 looking to pull sire this week, Still seek Hpally and Mage. PST

come kill Sire with us

Looking to kill sire come with us. Still seeking RDPS and Healers

Still seeking healers.

Sire is down onward to mythic

We are the very best
Like no one ever was.

To be a guild
Not like the rest