A Petition to better Warrior Class

I created another thread in General, but we warriors need to speak up. They nerfed Arms to the ground, gave a slight boost to Fury, but this is not enough. Fellow range dps, please also support us. I have nothing against range dps, they are great and I think they should be #1 in dps, but Warriors shouldn’t be dead last in DPS. As warriors we take more risks, we have to step in sanguine blood to get next to the boss to hit it, yes with practice you can avoid this better but. It’s still risk.

We need a signed petition to Blizzard to voice our concerns, this is not fun for warriors. Not asking to nerf other classes, but to buff and treat warriors fairly for what we do in M+. We are the risk it all players who run to the aid of other players by fighting in the front line while ranged dps are safe behind us. We deserve better.

Thank you, please sign.