(A) Perth Guild Saurfang/Nagrand/Caelstrasz

Faction: Alliance

Server: Saurfang/Nagrand/Caelstrasz

Guild: Perth Guild

Prog: 3/8M progressing on Senarth

Time: 9 to 11pm GMT+8 (Perth time) Wednesday and Mondays

Looking for: All DPS and Healer roles

Contact: Stholy#1945 or Galandric#1994

Please send through your class+spec+current progress

Perth Guild has been a long running guild with a great community. We have always strived to pushed into mythic raiding as much as possible but with current manning we have had to put a pause on VOTC, would love to fill spots and conitnue. We require some dedicated raiders to fill the vacancies for VOTC, with hope to be ready for season 2 new raids and mythic+ to jump straight in to heroic then mythic with quick succession. Feel free to hit us up for more info.

Perth players represent. Sadly wrong times for me. But good to see a Perth guild