(A) <Persona Non Grata> Mid-Core Now Forming!

Persona Non Grata on Pagle is a relatively NEW RAID GUILD of players who joined Wrath collectively, 4 to 9 weeks after ICC dropped.

ABOUT US: On our first raid night, and in 4.7 to 5.2 gear we cleared 12/12N in 3 hours, pre-nerf. Week two we cleared 5 heroics and week three we went 11/12H. We’ve progressed as much if not farther than many guilds who have been running together since Classic first dropped, and in a much shorter amount of time.

We’re a chill group of veteran raiders who met recently in-game. We’re looking for progression, parse and mechanics oriented gamers. We are looking for stand outs with high gaming standards who will blend well in a non-elitist environment as we test our ability to climb the ranks of Cataclysm. We are currently not running much Wrath and many of us are currently in Beta. This recruitment is strictly for cataclysm.


Tuesday 8PM to 11:30 PM: Core team morale/team building run. We are not pushing heroics and may only be running legacy achievements. (this will return to 10 man progression in Cataclysm)

Thursday 8PM to 11:30 PM : Currently no longer running. (this will return to 10 man progression in Cataclysm)

Wednesdays are a possibility. Be prepared for the unexpected. 
Be adaptable and most important, be ready to get your game on!

Updated 3/19/2024 - CORE CATACLYSM MOST WANTED SPECS : We have two open slots -

Fire/Arcane Mage

Survival/BM Hunter

Sin Rogue

Resto/Ele Sham


Frost DK

We are a big fan of players with engineering, dual specs and alts.

WITH REGARDS TO ICC and H LK KILL CHASERS: Our philosophy is that it’s ridiculous that Blizzard released the last itineration of the original ICC as it’s first release in classic. Current content added an additional 30% nerf to an instance that has already been nerfed well below “hard mode” standards before it was even released. We’re very excited to hear that Cataclysm will be released without nerfs and look forward to seeing some friendly competition between guilds on pagle.

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Hey, are you guys still recruiting? I wasn’t able to add you but my dc is: Psoco

Must have been drunk when you wrote this in December. 2 months later and your 4/12 H?