[A] Pagle <RNG> Is recruiting for sweaty wrath raiding

Hardcore Raiding | Competitive Progression, Speed, and Parsing

Server 3rd Gruul/Mag
Server 3rd SSC/TK
Server 4th Hyjal/BT
Server 8th T7 clear night 1
Server 2nd 3D Sarth

We’re looking for talented and experienced players for Classic Wrath who are dedicated, care about performance, and have a mind to compete for top server rankings. We aim to perform at a high level on a two-day schedule while maintaining a fun, but focused raid environment.

Raid Times:

  • Tuesday: 8pm - 11:30pm server time
  • Thursday: 8pm - 11:30pm server time
  • 3rd Raid Day: During progression or periods of time when the Classic PTR is available an additional day is required. This will be based on when the PTR is available and when raids launch.

Raider Expectations:

  • Come to raid prepared: full consumables, optimal gear, proper enchants/gems, and understanding all of the fights.
  • 90% Attendance is required of all raiders.
  • Raiders are expected to maintain a raid viable split character and a viable offspec for your main if applicable.

Loot Distribution:
We use a loot council; loot is awarded based on the following criteria: Strength of Upgrade, Performance, Attendance, Raid Preparation, Team Helpfulness and Positive Attitude. We use ThatsMyBis to distribute loot. Loot prio is transparent, visible to all raiders and subject to change.

Open Positions

  • Combat / Assassination Rogue
  • Affliction Warlock
  • Frost / Unholy DK
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • Exceptional DPS
  • We are always recruiting experienced and truly skilled raiders to trial against currently rostered raiders. We encourage all to apply even if we aren’t recruiting specifically for your class/spec.

Please visit our discord at discord.gg/RNGguild for additional information. You can also contact me (Thandorr#1278 bnet/disc) with any questions.

Apply Here: forms.gle/fHjnEMWMnon8iFVx7

Still recruiting both for now and for wrath!

Now recruiting a death knight!

Recruiting for wrath!

WTB one alpha chad DK

Roster is nearly complete. Open spot if someone exceptional comes along!

Any room for exceptional warlock?

Quite possibly! We are recruiting 1 warlock and 1 holy pally.

Still recruiting hpal and demo!

We’re getting close to launch! Still looking for hpal and demo!

Updated recruitment! Prepping for splits, T7 speed, and Ulduar prep!

LFM! Recruitment updated!

Looking for a pumper Ret and non-priest healer!

Also now looking for a hunter!

Recruitment updated! LF seriously talented DPS!

Updated! LF seriously talented DPS!