[A - Pagle] Infinity is recruiting!

If you are looking for a solid place to call home that focuses more on the quality of the person than what color your parses are, consider making Infinity your guild home. We are a casual to semi-casual raiding guild. We focus on clearing content as a team, at our own pace, and enjoying our $15 a month. We are currently recruiting any and all players who are looking for a home for WOTLK. 25 man raids are on hold until pre-patch, at which point we plan to finish BT and perhaps step a toe into SWP. We are in particular need of healers of any flavor.

If you are interested in an active, casual environment that still raids, please /who infinity and talk to any member, or you can message me directly. Thanks for reading!

GM, Infinity


Do you have raid days/times set for WOTLK?

I’m a Holy Priest looking for a home. Do you happen to have an idea on what your raid times would be?

Hi all, sorry I’m just now checking replies on this.

We don’t have set raid times for WOTLK as yet. Our plan there is to do static rosters for 10 mans (and each team can set their own raid schedule that works for them) and then do 25 mans as signups, which is how we currently handle all our raids. As of right now we typically raid on Tuesday and Thursday, but that is subject to change depending on what works best for the majority of the team.

If I continue to forget to check this thread, please know that I have the memory of a goldfish and likely forgot I posted it, so please feel free to find me in game on Lorani or Fuschia. You can also talk to any of the officers or recruiters. They are:
Ryleigh with weird characters in her name
Wedgie/Thickboy (please don’t judge us for his name choices)
Squishycakes/Ragecakes/Demicakes/any toon with “cakes”

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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