[A] OR [H] 271 H Priest /w 10/11H 3/11M prog LF casual guild

Title, LF a casual’ish guild to get AOTC with this tier and CE next xpac . I was resto druid for alot of the tier so all my prog is on her but looking to swap to my H priest full time, Im willing to faction change or server change, just pref to trial beforehand. available wed/fri/sat/sun 9pm CST - 12 AM, 1 AM at the latest. I love to do M+ too sitting at 2.7k atm, hard to pug past 17s! if youre interested hmu @
P.s. I plan to swap to evoker 100% next xpac
DISCORD- Meepz#6086
BNET- Meeps#11313

Hey Fluffy,

Check out our recruitment post:

Bnet: Arthedain#1846, Discord: Arth#0814