[A] <Onyx> 4/8M EP, CE 9/9M BDA & CE 8/8M Uldir - 2 Days/Week

Bump with new needs.

Where art thou DPS?

To the front

Jaina dying tonight. 8% wipe last night!

And with that, another Cutting Edge on our belt.

9/9 Mythic! Looking to recruit for next tier! Come hang with us :smiley:

Boop! What to have for lunch today…

Bump for new needs!

Very interested to find a solid mage!

Pretty solid looking forward to 8.2! Still interested in finding another mage for our team. :slight_smile:

Refreshing the post

H Azshara down!

On the hunt for a Resto Shaman or H-Pal for mythic!

Actively seeking:

Ele sham who can play Resto OS effectively when needed

Looking for a shaman!

2 bosses down in one night. 1% on the third after in 20 minutes of prog! Come join in on the kills.

3/8M! Come and kill bosses with us!

Still looking for a strong Rsham/ele swing or perhaps a Hpal/ret swing. :slight_smile:

Bump, same needs!

New needs posted

Still looking for some choice players!

Ashvane 5% right on the cusp!