[A] <Onyx> 4/8M EP, CE 9/9M BDA & CE 8/8M Uldir - 2 Days/Week

Looking for a mage & warlock!

Looking for a couple of recruits to fill up our roster!

Still need another mage and maybe another warlock!

Casterrrs come play! :smiley:

Still open for a few ranged!

Still a spot available for a solid mage! :slight_smile:

And we are 7/9!

Still open for another killer mage!

Any other excellent players feel free to apply.

Looks like a good week to go 8/9M

Come join me and the other thiccbois for CE!

Our Brew just went thicc! So… many… thiccs!!

Looking a thicc mage to add to our roster! Exceptional DPS applicants always welcome!

8/9 Mythic!

Jaina, here we come!


Starting to get into P2!

Looking for more exceptional players!

Currently seeking:

Healer w/offspec who can play a heal and dps role effectively.

Still looking for a few great players to add to our roster!

Healer w/Offspec who can play a heal and dps role effectively.

Looking for some more amazing players!

Still open to some great dps & a swing healer!

Are you a great mage who has knowledge of all 3 specs in a raid environment?
Are you a healer who also likes to DPS? (or a DPS who also likes to heal!)
How about a rockin’ caster DPS?

Then we’re lookin’ for you!

Looking for healers with a good DPS spec (or DPS with a good heal spec, mix it up!).
Mages are rockin’ awesome, we need more of you!
And in general, great DPS are welcome :).

Hit us up!!!

35% on Jaina! :grin: Getting closer and closer!

Looking forward to Nazjatar, we have openings for:

  • 1 strong tank-healer
  • 1 strong dps/healer swing
  • 1-2 rogue(s)
  • 1 mage
  • strong ranged dps

Melee is rather tight at the moment, but we could have room for the right applicant! :wink: