[A] <Onyx> 4/8M EP, CE 9/9M BDA & CE 8/8M Uldir - 2 Days/Week

Looking for some quality DPS (both melee and ranged) to help us prog on Rastakhan and beyond!

Got some openings to continue BDA! And now 6/9M!

Any heals looking for a home? :slight_smile:

Here ye here ye, we desire thyne finest weavers of the mist, priest of the healing persuasion and waterbending shamans to come forth!

Looking for those sweet sweet heals!

Currently looking for Mistweaver, RSham, Mage, Holy/Disc Priest, and other exceptional players for our Mythic Roster :).

Bump! Iā€™m all out of witty comments for this one :'D

Are there any MW Monks out there?

Still looking. Where art thou Mistweavers!?!

MW or priests who can play holy & disc? :smiley:

Stilllllll looking!


Misty boi!

To the top :point_up_2:

Misty friends!? :smiley:

Happy reset day! Mekka goes down tonight!

Need some more recruits!

Still on the hunt for a monk who can heal and DPS!

Maybe an awesome rogue or lock as well?

Mistweavers and mages? :smiley:

Looking for some more awesome people to raid with. Could use people from Hogwarts to give us smarts buff.