[A] <One Shot> (Frostmourne) is recruiting!

[A] One Shot (Frostmourne) is recruiting!

We’re a group of friends returning to WoW for Shadowlands raiding. Our aim is to build a solid mythic raiding team over the course of the first tier in order to achieve Cutting Edge in Castle Nathria and each SL tier that follows . We also plan on running a heroic raid night for our casual players, as well as regular guild M+ dungeons.

Wed 8:00pm - 11:00pm svt
Thurs 8:00pm - 11:00pm svt

Mon 8:00pm - 11:00pm svt

We’re currently looking to recruit a Holy Paladin to fill out our healing roster.

Whether you’re a raider looking to make the step up into mythic progression with us, or you’re a more casual player looking for a good home, please feel free to contact us and chat about joining One Shot.

TBNC#1644 (in-game) - Two-Headed Crow#3940 (Discord)
Pooks#11574 (in-game) - Baldfitdad#7235 (Discord)
Shammo#1582 (in-game) - Shammo#4517 (Discord)


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Hey, I’m currently looking for a guild with a focus on pushing mythic raids for shadowlands.

A bit about me: I have AoTC in all raids from WoD to BFA (except CoS as I had quit at the time). Used to mythic raid back in legion and ended with 9/11M antorus.

I have a 100% attendance in raids and self sufficient with foods/pots etc.

If I interest you can hmu in game or add me on bnet QueenEtna#11874, discord QueenEtna#0117


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Bump town. Still looking for players going into SL. Healers and ranged DPS especially!

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Hey guys, RDPS/Healer here.

Can someone contact me on discord so we can have a chat.

My disco is chappie#2528


Bump. Looking for a Tank main, Warrior DPS and Holy Paladin. Please get in contact with us if you’re interested!


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