[A] Now Hosting GDKP PUG Runs!

The Westfall Wallet is a community with a goal to simultaneously get people a lot of gear, and get people a lot of money.

The way this is attained is through our weekly GDKP Raids for Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Onyxia’s Lair and eventually ZG- all the way to Naxx.

GDKP Raids stands for ‘Gold’ Dragon Kill Points. Historically, DKP became a very popular ‘loot-distribution’ system originating from Everquest. A DKP System awarded a player for attending a raid; other ways of earning these points were through good performance, contributions to the guild, etc.

Gold DKP removes the concept of these points entirely and replaces it with ‘Gold.’ When an item drops in a raid, a bid takes place. Players incrementally bid gold against each other until a top bid remains; this bidder earns the item for the price of their gold bid.

One of the greatest reasons to participate in GDKP runs is for the gold you make. The gold spent on every item is totaled together and divided evenly between all members of the raid as a payout for their attendance regardless of if that player had spent gold or not.

A Molten Core PUG that sees a binding will most likely result in each player getting 400-500g, not including the possibility of any other lucrative drops.

The Westfall Wallet is here to run weekly raids for all raids. All sellable items are bid out to the raid- there are no exceptions. Lava Cores, Blue BoEs, Essences, etc. It gets added to the pool, and everyone will walk away with either more gold in their pocket, or an item that they purchased exempt from any form of Loot Council Penalty, DKP loss, etc.

If you’re looking to make gold, buy items and have a relaxed time with a group of players led by a veteran team, The Westfall Wallet offers raid sign-ups to all interested.

Joining our guild is not required, our only request is signing up to our raids through our Discord. You can meet us at The Westfall Wallet by adding me on Discord at: YeahXynni#0877

Hope to see you guys there!


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