[A] <Nostalgia> Mon/Tues 8-11:30pm | 8/8 BWL | EPGP Loot | LFM

< Nostalgia >
Recruiting New Members for Semi-Hardcore Raiding

• 8/8 BWL ~90min
• 10/10 MC ~60min
• 1/1 Ony

Raid/play times:
•Mon 8:00-11:30 PM EST
•Tues 8:00-11:30 PM EST

Recruitment Priorities:

Warrior: Fury
Warlock: Closed
Rogue: Open
Priest: Holy
Paladin: Holy
Mage: Closed
Hunter: Closed
Druid: Cat

Feel free to apply, even if you aren’t listed above. Exceptional applicants of all classes will always be considered!

Loot Rules
• EP/GP with 15% decay
• Loot Council will only be used for Legendaries

Who is Nostalgia?
Nostalgia is a small and efficient group looking for players who are interested in all endgame content. We all have played Vanilla and other expansions and are excited to relive the experience in a more relaxed and efficient manner. We are not looking for hardcore elitists - just friendly and dedicated individuals that want to finish end game content and have a good time while doing so.

Who are we looking for?
• We’re looking for intended active raiders in the roles above.
• We’re also looking for people to join our social ranks! We are very supportive of new players.
• If you’re a die hard veteran who’s farmed every raid and done it all you’re more than welcome too.
• Our goal is Quality over Quantity, Maximum Efficiency, and Good Vibes. If this speaks your language welcome to Nostalgia.

Warcraft logs:
Logs available upon request.