[A] [No Mercy Mafia] World PVP Guild (pinch of PVE/RP) Recruitment

No Mercy Mafia is recruiting!

Join a guild who has been around since 2007. Our guild was formed to fight back against gankers and because we love to WPvP together. We are currently active on Grobbulus despite the ups and downs in ‘liveliness’ of WPVP and are seeking new members to revitalize our mission. At our peak NMM was one of the most active guilds on Emerald Dream- we wish to continue that legacy here in Classic and into BC.

We have a high need for: Warlocks, Mages, Warriors

We have a medium need for: Hunters, Druids, Paladins

We always need: healers, rogues and anyone who enjoys wpvp

Player vs. Player

No Mercy Mafia is and always will be a WPvP guild first, as well as a guild that enjoys battlegrounds, organized pvp and rp-pvp too. This is what the guild was founded on, and we are happy to partake of it in Classic. Right now we have a small group of regular players who attend wpvp events three times a week. We would love to add more players to those events, as well as find individuals who may be willing to organize or lead alternate events. We are looking to revitalize the guild and put the spark of wpvp back into the hearts of all. (Or make horde spit on us in anger, it’s the same thing really.)


We decided with the way Classic gearing works we think that raiding should be a part of the guild structure in Classic, even as a PVP guild. Gone are the days of arena gear and constant pvp glory, so we have dedicated alliances with PVE focused guilds for those players who are interested in seeing end game content while being in a PVP guild. We also have a PVE officer who will match you up with pug raids or guilds who pug weekly, if you want to raid for pvp gear, but can’t commit to specific nights/times. Pvp is our main focus, but we want to be the best we can be, and that is to be well-rounded or at least geared enough to annihilate trolls. (the forum kind and the kind with blue skin and bad posture)

Role Playing

A role playing guild has never been something that No Mercy Mafia claims to be, but it is something that many of us do enjoy. We have always and will always support the RP community, and have built many friendships with RP guilds from Emerald Dream in the past. We do engage in WPvP-RP from time to time, and welcome any member who is active in the RP world of Grobbulus. You are absolutely not required to enjoy RP or to participate in it, but we do not, as a guild, grief RP events.

In the words of our only warlock (we really need warlocks):

“If you’re cool and you like to pvp, join our guild.”

But seriously, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we are interested in YOU. Check out our discord and view the recruitment channel, or contact us:


Recruiter: Dise [Alokadise#3923 on Discord or Aloka#11798 Battlenet]

Senior Officer and PVP leader: Slyx [Discord Slyx#6292]

GM: [Jax#2104 on Discord or Jaxel in game]

WPvp Legend: Knivz [Knivz#4890 on Discord or Knivz in game]

Discord: discord.gg/SwYdgb

This thread contains so much truth. Come and join us in slaying horde.