A <No Mercy Mafia> is recruiting for PvP!

We are a full on pvp guild. We do everything PVP with a focus on WPvP! We have 2 nights a week we hunt KoS targets, go take on areas and cities…etc We also twink, Sometimes BG together…etc

We love to pvp and if you do too why not join us?

We need ALL classes but we could for sure use more warlocks! Hit me up in game, post here, talk to any member.

join up in the premier WPVP guild on Grob now!

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I approve of this.

Been with NMM for a few months and have enjoyed it!


Still looking for more members!

We have weekly pvp events, twink nights, all around good fun! We want all classes who just enjoy the pvp side of things!

29 twink night, large scale wpvp nights, and many small man wpvp groups running throughout the week. If you love wpvp, look no further.

I miss you guys.

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Been picking up people left and right but always looking for more who love to Wpvp. Give us a shot.

Come hear Slyx’s sexy voice in Discord!

It really is sexy.
Stop doing other things besides pvp if that is what you love.

Another successful fishing tourney in the books. Thank you all for coming out and preventing the Horde from catching those tasty tasty fish.

Horde are either lazy, don’t care about fishing or can’t match the power of NMM & friends. 3 weeks in a row an Alliance win. Next week will be four!