(A) No Love - Semi Hardcore - Tues/Thurs 7-10 PST

No Love is a guild ran by a core group of friends, most of who raided together back in TBC retail. Currently recruiting all classes with a focus on PvE progression. While leveling we have had several dungeon farming and questing groups going. Pushing to get all of our members capped and attuned as fast and as efficiently as possible!

While PvE progression is our main focus, we have several members with dedication to PvP, looking to push arena ratings throughout the expansion. All casual members are also accepted as we want to allow as many people to participate as possible!

We are looking to fill a specific few roles for our two Karazhan groups.
We need 2 main tanks, either Prot warrior or Feral Druid.
4 healers, of any spec.
Range DPS

If you’d like an invite to the guild please feel free to reach out to anyone online, or add me personally in- game


bump too the moooon

thinking about making a switch from kromkrush to here.

It’s a great server, and you have a guild to call home the moment you land.