[A] Ninja looter from Solidarity

Did an UBRS, leader was Kahhal from Solidarity. Thought he was a bot for the first half of the dungeon, wouldnt give anyone assist to mark and hardly responded to requests. Pulled beast while we were still clearing trash, wiped the group twice.

2 pulls before Drak he switches to master loot, explains that “Everyone will get to roll, deal?” All 9 people obviously say no what are you doing, so he changes back to group loot but we refuse to pull the last 2 trash packs until he passes lead to someone else. He then starts pulling to try to force the issue so we just let him die, continue to 9 man the trash and Drak. He made the run back while we were fighting Drak, pulled a lot of trash to us to try and wipe. We get drak down, he immediately starts removing everyone from the group to port us out and holds the item rolls open. Two people were there for the BWL attunement, didnt get a chance to finish it since we died to the trash he chained. We all get ported out and he takes the loot.


Can confirm, was there healing helping ppl with BWL attunes. We immediately stopped progressing when he tried to pull the master loot nonsense. Started kicking us as I had raid assist. I re-invited but he managed to hold open loot until we were all out of raid for over a minute (being kicked). Wasted an hour of 9 people’s lives :frowning: Ppl missed out on BWL and loot

can confirm

can confirm, we removed them from our guild immediately upon hearing this. total scumbag move, sorry this happened to you all.

We booted him immediately after it was reported to us.
He was a random social picked up,never raided with us and wasn’t in any friend group in our guild.

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