(A) Night Shift Altaholic Looking For Social/Casual Guild πŸ™‚

Came back to this game for the first time since early Legion to check out Classic, but the regular game has me curious about playing some catchup. I play afternoons/evenings into the early hours of the morning due to working night shift. :slightly_smiling_face:

Been playing a Paladin since 2006 Vanilla, but I’m one of those altaholics who gets curious about other classes and tries them out. Not looking to join a raiding guild because I like to max out gearing on my own before joining a raid team. I’m also curious about helping folks level with the new Party Sync feature.

The game has changed a lot since the days when I was a lot more involved with guilds and raiding (Lich King into Cataclysm), but if there’s a more social/casual guild where I can help folks out I’d like to join one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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