[A] <Night Eternal> 3/8M and 8/8H EP Is Opening Recruitment for Eternal Palace Mythic Progression!

Hello everyone!

I am Flameth, one of the raid leaders for Night Eternal on Alleria-Khadgar! We are looking for people that like to group and raid while also having fun and being part of the guild community at the same time.

We are an original vanilla guild that has raided for roughly 14 years and through every single tier of raiding. The guild leadership has remained unchanged throughout the life of the guild, and quite a few of the core raiders have been raiding in WOW since the very beginning. We are currently looking for a few more people that are interested in raiding with us and being part of a long-term guild. We have achieved AOTC every single tier since it was put into the game, and we usually get quite a few of the Mythic bosses down every tier as well. The atmosphere of the guild is very fun and stress free. We love to push content, but we also like to have a really good time while doing it.

We are currently 8/8H and 3/8M Eternal Palace. We are currently recruiting a couple of strong DPS and a solid healer or two for our main raid roster in Eternal Palace. All classes/specs will be considered, and good players will never be turned away. The main needs for the main raid roster currently are: Mage, Boomkin Druid, DPS DK, Shadow Priest, DH, and Mistweaver Monk. Our primary form of communication during raids and for announcements is Discord. We have multiple channels for our members that play other games together as well.

Our current main raid times are: Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday from 7:30PM until 9:30PM central time. The alt/normal raid night is Saturday night from 7:30PM until 9:30PM. That means that the first pull happens at 7:30PM, so please make sure that works with your schedule before applying!

If you are interested in being a part of the team, or coming to our alt/off raid night to hang out and see what we’re about, please contact myself (Flameth), or add my battletag (Nathom2000#1123). We look forward to hearing from you!

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Bump! Still looking for a couple of people to fill out our Mythic roster! Immediate spots available!

Still looking for dps for our 3/9M group.

Bump for another Mythic boss down. Still looking for a couple of people to round out the full time roster!

Still looking for raiders for the new Rise of Azshara raid coming out on 7/9. Please let us know if interested.


Still looking for a solid healer and another DPS or two to round out the Mythic roster. Immediate spots available!

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Still in need for that healer and DPS.

7/8H Eternal Shrine still looking for members

Bump! Looking for a couple more active members!

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Hi Night eternal, just saying hi, I see you all around the realm all the time.

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I’ve just returned less than a month ago to wow, I would love to return to Mythic/Heroic raiding but unfortunately I don’t have much gear beside me keeping my necklace leveled. In the past on this server, ive gotten server first for MOP mythic raiding as well maintained 100 percentile parses on every boss of SoO during the time i raided. I would love to get my foot through the door again if you folks are recruiting

My main is shuji on khadgar, im a rogue main and for some reason i cannot set it as my main for forums, im unsure why