A New Concept to help fight toxicity in rbgs

Hello guys,

As a designer i am interesting in finding ways through design to attack psychological, emotional, and sociological problems, for example toxicity in rated battlegrounds while On the same level I am also interested in taking the greatest strength classic has over retail, the social interaction, and implementing those improvements in wow.

To this end i purpose a change, which will require seemingly very little workflow from the development team and help validate guilds, fight toxicity, and encourage competition.

The idea is to change the “guild reward” system that a guild obtains from having the majority of people (60% or better) in a group to a player-specific benefit.

The way this would work is the rewards would be granted to the player, not the guild and that benefit would not have a low cap, or even a cap.

For example "while you have 6 or more players from your guild in an rbg win, you obtain the following benefits:

  • On a Win you gain +5 rating, and +10 conquest points (conquest bonus capped at 300 (or what ever variable) per week)
  • On every loss after 3 consecutive losses you gain +5 rating and your next win grants +10 bonus rating.

This will empower guilds to form for pvp reasons, which will in return enable players police the pvp population removing from it toxicity by the guilds standard at various degree’s. It will also at the same time help spread the population out more in rating (increasing the max rating on ladder up to 3k, or beyond) which will help keep us upper ranked players from farming lower ranked, and will motivate us to que against each other.

Also on top of this the spread of knowledge will become more clear helping benefit the community more. Due to this, guilds will also be able to train and teach people proper pvp which will invalidate the need for RMT transactions, and subsequently act as a mechanic to help reduce it.

Additionally, more guilds quing means more population in rated pvp, and a largery distribution of that population of the timezones (acting as a way to revitalize pvp).

With bonus pvp points we will also see experienced players climbing to their intended que area’s faster, preventing “alt groups” of the top ranked players from “farming” the other population for prolong periods.