[A] <Nevermind> Hardcore (LootCouncil) Recuitment Thread

Nevermind is now recruiting for our Sunday Raid (6PM ST) Rogues, Warriors, and Healers in High Demand. Social members as well as Skilled and Dedicated players are welcome!

Times and Days

Team 1 - Loot Council - Tues / Thurs 6 PM PST

Team 2 - Loot Council - Sunday 6 PM PST

Class (Spec) - Demand

Druid (Healer) - Low

Druid (Feral) - Low

Hunter - Low

Mage - Low

Priest (Healer) - High

Rogue - Low

Paladin (Healer) - High

Warlock - Low

Warrior (Tank) - High

Warrior (DPS) - High

What we’re looking for PvE: Players who are interested in pushing to claim server firsts and do speed clears of all future instances. Anyone dedicated to farm consumables and world buffs in order to clear raids as fast as possible. Anyone with a level head and the mindset to improve.

What we are looking for PvP: Anyone dedicated enough to push ranks and grab ranking gear in order to push the competitive edge in WPvP.


Paladins and mages and warriors, come get some dank l o o t.


Good group of people. Fast and organized runs.

we are pretty cool

Fury Warriors please

Highly Recommend

We have cookies

gonna cry?

When Emberstrife knows the Alli memes.

Guild very good, apply now, yes.

We need Priests have several spots.

WTB priest free loot

Raid 2 Now Recruiting, Raid 1 Still Considering PUMPERS.

wow this guild looks awesome!

Hi who would I contact in game or thru discord about a raid spot ?

Sunday Raid now ready in full effect looking for Rogues, Warriors, and Healers! Message me in game if you are looking to be a part of a close knit and skilled community. We aren’t just a WoW guild we are a community of people with similar goals in games, who like to play a little bit of everything in a fun but competitive environment.

Come make a difference with us!

We need priests :slight_smile:

Still Accepting applications from exceptional players.

Sorry to rain on the parade but I feel this is probably not the guild most players want to be a part of. See this post for how Nevermind leadership treats others when a problem arises . . .

Priestess Looking for a GOOD Alliance Guild

Most guilds make the mistake of auto-ejecting members who are accused of any kind of wrongdoing – ninja looting, or whatever – without giving that accused member any opportunity to defend themselves, or even telling them why they were kicked out! But Nevermind apparently errs completely in the other direction – if a member is accused of wrongdoing (like I reported to Molten about one of their member’s rude behavior) absolutely nothing is done about it. That might be just swell if you’re a Nevermind member, but you might want to think twice before joining, grouping, or raiding with them. I would bet that under normal circumstances, like in a raid, your interaction with Nevermind members goes fine, but if some little thing goes wrong – such as a simple disagreement about loot – you’ll probably find yourself being treated like garbage like I was . . . not once but twice.

Certainly there are guilds on the server who don’t mistreat non-members . . . or their own members. Non-leadership Nevermind members, I recommend shopping around a little harder.