[A] <Neverender> Chill Normal/Heroic - LF DPS!

[A] - {Neverender} - US - Turalyon

CN: 10/10N 10/10H
SoD: 7/10N 1/10H

Open to any skilled dps that are chill, mature, and looking for a more relaxed raiding environment!
We are especially looking for a havoc DH right now.

We start on normal and then move into heroic. We are an AotC guild that runs at a more relaxed pace.

—Raid times are Sun/Mon 8pm-11pm (EST)

If you are interested in joining our guild, contact Siyonae or Koare in game. If you don’t see one of us online just shout to one of our members and they can get a hold of us :smiley:

bump because this guild rocks

We are demon hunter friendly .

RH does a very good empanadas

Kiss said she’s supplying empanada care boxes to everyone, forever.