[A-Netherwind] <Gambit> | TBC Hardcore | Fri/Sun 9-12 pm EST

Server: Netherwind

Raid Times: Fri/Sunday 9-12 EST

About Us:

Gambit is a hardcore Alliance TBC progression and speed running guild. We are ranked top 50 in the US and one of the top guilds on Herod-US, and will be transferring to Netherwind before prepatch.

We do not require alt characters or have any mandated split runs, nor do we raid overtime.


With our move to Netherwind and TBC on the horizon, our goal is to become a top 50 world guild. We aim to foster a serious & competitive, yet enjoyable environment.


  • Standard class raid consumables
  • An understanding of all raid mechanics before the raid begins.
  • Keep up with your current class and spec meta, and be willing to adjust to stay competitive.
  • Hybrid classes are expected to be able to swap and understand all specs based on current raid needs.
  • Utilize all avenues for gearing up besides just raids(arenas, heroics, reputational items, professions, etc)
  • 90% attendance

You should apply if:

  • You want to progress at a high level.
  • You want to be surrounded by players who put in a high amount of effort both in and outside the raid.
  • You’re tired of apathetic raiders.
  • You don’t enjoy raging raid leaders and toxic environments.
  • You want to enjoy the people you raid with.
  • You are fully present and focused when it comes to raid time.
  • You understand that your dps/hps output matters less than mechanical skill and consistency
  • You don’t “play for the parse” but instead play for the good of the raid.

Our goal is to have a very strong leadership presence that interacts with the guild as a whole while - most importantly - leading as equals and not superiors. Without you there is no guild, you are just as important as we are. Our only purpose is to provide direction and handle any issues that may arise to ensure that the guild is run in the most efficient and beneficial manner. Good communication keeps a guild strong. The responsibility is on us to not only identify problems, but also execute on solutions to those problems.

Loot System: Loot Council

*All tradeable loot is distributed using a loot council system. We view gear as a tool to assist in progression and farm, and all loot decisions are made by the officers with the intent to improve our ability to kill future bosses.

If you are the type of person who is only interested in raiding for the loot, or feel that you are entitled to specific items, then this is likely the wrong place for you.


We are currently looking for the following classes,
Shamans (All specs)
Holy Priest
Resto Druid
We encourage all exceptional applicants to apply, regardless of recruitment needs.

Please follow the link below to fill out our app.

Contact Info:
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of our members of leadership via Discord: Jmac#0090 or by joining our discord https://discord.gg/ZAWU6Gam

Pumper people looking for more pumpers

Looking for an enhancement shaman that can twist and tango

bumping this

Solid Friday night raid team looking to fill out core for TBC

We’re a gangster crew with gangster dreams

Big emphasis on Resto shamans and warlocks currently.

Still looking for resto shamans and a very dps to round out the roster.

Still looking for resto shamans!

Looking for a 2x Resto Shamans and a few key dps to round out the roster.

Still looking for Resto Shamans to finish our line up

Looking for the last few players to join us in tbc!

Looking for those last few people to fill out some spots!

Still looking for a few warlocks and shamans

Still looking for a few people!