[A] <Naxx Tour Guide> Recruiting! | Weekend Raids

Alliance 5.14.20 Guild Transferred off Netherwind.

Naxx Tour Guide(NTG) is recruiting people for raiding through classic. We are a semi hardcore guild focused on efficiently clearing content. We have two balanced raid groups, both clearing MC in under an hour. Our guild leader/main tank for both of our raids is a private server MT veteran with experience and applicable knowledge all the way through KT.

8/8 BWL (54 minute clear time)
10/10 MC (46 minute clear time)
1/1 Onyxia

Raid Schedule:
Saturday group: Saturday 7:00pm - 11:00pm EST
Sunday group: Sunday 10:30am – 2:30pm EST

Loot System: Loot Council. Loot is distributed based on performance, attendance, class BiS, size of upgrade

Warcraft Logs: classic.warcraftlogs /guild/rankings/483752/latest

Member Requirements:

  • Be prepared with enchanted gear, required consumables, world buffs, and show up on time.
  • Maintain an attendance record of 90% or higher.
  • Zero drama policy. We expect members to act mature, friendly, and bring a positive attitude to the guild.
  • Understand your class/spec and be open to constructive criticism to improve your raid performance.
  • Provide feedback to the guild leader and/or officers about any concerns. We want to be as transparent as possible.

Recruitment Needs:
Priest - 1
Warlock -2
Fury Warrior - 2
Rogue - 2
Mage - 2

Above all else we are looking for dedicated raiders committed to helping the guild succeed. If you meet this criteria, we would be happy to talk to you, even if recruitment for your class is closed.

For any further questions, or to talk further about joining NTG please respond here or contact any of our officers in game: Zemets, Talmari, Illcutyou, Aliltaky, Stpatrick, Entrap, Lufeh