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SSC 6/6 Prenerf
TK 4/4


Raid Days : W/TH/M 830pm - 1130pm ST
Loot : Loot Council with rotating officer/raider weekly to keep transparency

About Us and what to expect :
A group of like minded induvial who wish to succeed and clear all content while having fun. Leadership has been playing this game on a high end level since Vanilla and expects to have a successful TBCC experience for the guild. The guild environment is relaxed but at the same time expects all its raiders to come fully prepared to be efficient and effective during raid. This means: know fights, have proper consumes, addons/wa’s , gear, enchants/gems etc. The guild has a zero tolerance towards toxicity, meaning if there is an issue it will be resolved with a one time warning. I expect everyone to understand that even though this is a remake of original, I do not want to waste peoples time and to be able to expect the same of us.

Requirements of Trials:
You must have a good understanding of your class or be able to take criticism to help improve your play. You must have at least pre bis or close to it especially if crafting and be attuned to current content. You must use proper addons to raid, ie Bigwigs/DBM, Weakauras, ThreatMeter etc. Do not expect to get loot all the time or ahead of everyone.

Current Recruitment Needs:

25 mans
Druid- Boomy (1)
Druid- Feral Dps/OT (1)

Other classes/roles not listed are closed atm, but willing to talk to anyone that has interest.
Feel free to contact me via links below and thanks for taking time to read. Best of luck in TBC.


BNET - Xcirus#1428
Discord - Cerinity#1162

Hi, we’re pretty awesome. :slight_smile:

updated recruitment positions

Come say hello! Raiding has been going strong and there are great people here looking to meet and have you join us!

updated recruitment

Come, join us!

Updated Recruitment Needs