[A] <My Lil Pwnies> Sunday night AotC raiding heading into 8.2

Our guild has been working cross-realm with a number of other guilds for the past few tiers, but is looking to now establish its own Sunday night AotC raid moving into 8.2. Our current roster is made up of a number of heroic (AotC every tier) and light-mythic (3/9M in BoD) raiders as well as folks that haven’t quite achieved their AotC yet. The idea is to to raid in 8.1 on Sunday nights (5pm-8pm pacific time) and then build momentum for 8.2 where we’ll continue the pattern we’ve typically done: normal for the first week or two, move to heroic and get AotC, then try a few mythic bosses as the tier goes on and we’ve farmed all we can from heroic. We’re a pretty laid-back group and have no intention of pushing for cutting edge, but we do expect people to give it their best and have fun pushing content.

What you’re looking for:

A Sunday night raid that's mostly AotC focused, maybe dabble in some mythic bosses as the tier progresses
A group of adults to play with, all 18+ with jobs, responsibilities, and/or families, so they know where you're coming from
To potentially push some higher mythic+ with players that push keys of all levels from 2s to 20s
No drama, just folks that like to play together

What we’re looking for:

Someone that can make most (75%) of the raid times. We know stuff comes up, just let us know if you cant. We're also alt friendly if you want to have an alt here for that raid while your main raids elsewhere
Someone that is interested in doing well in raid while continuously improving. While we're not a hardcore CE guild, we do expect folks to learn the fights, understand their class, and seek advice on how to get better
Folks appreciate a good double entendre

For more information, feel free to hit me up on Discord (Talgryf#8005) or Mandie (MandieMarie#3585)