[A] Moon Guard Retribution Paladin Looking for a guild to call home


Hey guys! I am looking for a guild. I have not played WoW seriously since Cataclysm. And I am really wanting to get back into the game. I am currently working on a paladin that will be 120 and reasonably geared inside of 2 weeks. I am wanting to join a guild that does Normal and Heroic mode raids, I am not interested in even attempting Mythic Raiding at the moment. I would like to ease my way back into things with normal and heroic.

I am a pretty laid back and easy to get along with guy, I also have a horde 120 priest, and DK that I will gladly faction change and server transfer for the right team. I am not interested in joining an ERP guild or a guild with hundreds of members, or a guild that is antisocial. I would like to get into a smaller close community, where everyone are friends. I also enjoy roleplaying! Surprising, right? Someone on an RP server that likes to RP. Please reach out to me on Discord at whiskeyfist187#6605 or on Bnet at Whiskeyncoke#1279

Also, I will gladly do whatever is needed of me for the betterment of the guild that I join, I will take whatever professions are needed and farm materials, whatever it takes. I just want to be part of a team.