[A-Medivh-US] <Shattered Fates> Recruiting! [Backup raiders and social members ]

We are a Heroic raiding team in Shattered Fates on US-Alleria/Exodar/Khadgar/Medivh.
We raid on Friday & Saturday, from 8pm CST to 11PM CST.
We are 11/11 Heroic Sepulcher

We are an AOTC focused Heroic raid team, established in Legion. We have gotten every AOTC since then. We are a friendly, casual group that works together to have fun and kill bosses. We are looking for like minded people to fill out our ranks.

Contact Azhurea-Medivh , or Moirasha-Medivh

Team Noz is full but recruiting players for spots that become available.

Shattered Fates gladly welcomes casual members.

In Game Azhurea-Medivh
BN: Azhurea#1665
Disc: Azhurea#5188