[A] [Mankrik] <Primal> - 12/15 NAXX - Wednesday/Thursday 8-11 EST

- [Alliance] - 12/15 NAXX, previous content on farm.

We raid Naxxramas on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Our raid times are 8-11PM server time.

We run a custom loot system with cherry-picked elements of EPGP, Loot Council, Onslaught, and DKP. This system was specifically created to prevent favoritism/preferential treatment.

We strive to play efficiently, and we require our players to demonstrate proficiency in their role. We enjoy the game and each other’s company, so raids are overall pretty light-hearted and fun. A lot of us have been playing together in some form or another for the entire run of classic, so we’re a pretty tight-knit group.

We have our sights firmly set on being successful in Naxxramas. We are focused on building and maintaining good raiding habits that will allow us to efficiently clear content. Naxx is a long raid; the more efficiently we run, the less taxing it’ll be. We are not a speed-clear guild, but efficiency means quick clear times anyway.

Our raid requirements are pretty standard:
-Show up with buff food and any relevant consumables (elixirs, potions, etc).
-Flasks are not required - they’re expensive enough for us to feel like it wouldn’t be reasonable to require them.
-As far as World Buffs go, we kindly ask our raiders to make every effort to get Rallying Cry and Spirit of Zandalar. Mankrik is pretty dang organized with our drop schedule, so we feel like Head & Heart are reasonable requests.
-All other world buffs are not required, but are absolutely encouraged.

Overall, we just want our raiders to come prepared to raid, and to not waste each other’s time.

Current Recruitment Needs
Healer (pref. Paladin)
Melee DPS

Strong players of all classes and roles will be considered.

If interested, please contact:
Tableslam (discord: Tableslam#9752)
Lilolbert (discord: BigOlBert#1264)


Here healers healers healers!

We’re set to be 9/9 AQ next week, and we’re gonna clear out Naxxramas when that comes. If you’re ready for a change in your raiding scenery, come kill stuff with us. We’re nice, we don’t start whipping you until your 3rd week!

bump bump bumpity

Really enjoying it here. Made out with a lot of loot so far and I can say the guild is definitely a lot more concomitant than any of the others I have been to in the past.

9/9 with a full head of steam, hop aboard before the train leaves the station!

12/15 in Naxx, very soon to be 13 and beyond. Looking for another DPS and another Healer at the moment. Contact Lilolbert, Tableslam, myself (Xaliden#1824) or just /who Primal and pick someone to ask if there’s an officer on :slight_smile: We’d love to chat.

Raid days are still Wed/Thurs 8PM to 11PM server time.